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Friday Five- Time Wasting Websites

Want to see what websites I use when I want to waste time?

1) One can never see too many cute dog pictures (in my humble opinion) So I Can Haz Cheezburger is always a destination.

2) I love odd and random things. I can count on Neatorama to have some every day.

3) Some blogs make you feel like you have friends that you’ve never met. I am quite certain that The Bloggess and I would get along should we ever meet in real life- which is unlikely since we’re both introverts.

4) Knitting Blogs: I can spend hours looking at projects I will likely never make. Ravelery is a favorite- but also Knitted Bliss.

5) A Sharkish view on the world of publishing. I tend to read a number of publishing and writer blogs, but a favourite is Janet Reid’s page. In addition to having a great community of writers, it’s full of useful information and having met Janet I can vouch she’s pretty darn nifty. Not everyone would be so giving of their time/wisdom. If you think you want to write you should check it out.

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