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Friday Five- Things I Love About DH


Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. I am a firm believer that you don’t need someone in your life to be happy, but if you can find the right person, it sure does make life a lot of fun.   Things I adore about my DH include:

  1. Sense of Humor: DH can make me laugh, even when things are not always going well. He sees the absurd in situations and knows how to crack me up by just making a certain expression.
  2. Best Friend: I can think of no one I would rather spend time with than him. In addition to being in love with him (bonus!), I actually REALLY like him.
  3. Smart/Interesting: DH knows a lot of things about random topics. Being married to him I’ve learned more about NASA, robots and board games than I thought was even possible. Plus he’s a computer genius and that comes in handy a lot.
  4. He Pushes Me: DH challenges me to try things I might not do without him as a support. This includes trying some questionable foods while traveling. He was the one who pushed me to keep writing, even when it seemed like I would never find anyone to read me. He makes me a better person by being in my life.
  5. He’s Kind: The world can be a not so great place at times. He’s always my safe place to land. As long as I know he’s around I’m home.

One Response to “Friday Five- Things I Love About DH”

  1. Joelle said:

    I concur! Your DH is absolutely all of those things and MORE. He’s kind to your friends!!! But he’s just as lucky to have you. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Love you both bunches. J-