Eileen Cook Author, Writing Consultant, Editor


Editing Services

Eileen provides freelance editorial services and writing mentorship based on her experience as an avid reader and writer. You’ll be provided with an editorial letter that outlines broad overview observations, as well as some specific suggestions on how and where to strengthen the book. In addition, you’ll have line notes through out the manuscript. Areas reviewed include character development, plot structure, style, pacing, continuity, and the ultimate impact of the story. Eileen does not provide “copy edits” on the manuscript, but will mark any errors she notes.

An estimated timeline for completion is provided before services start and vary depending on Eileen’s availability.

What Others Say:

“Eileen Cook is the quintessential writer’s editor- pithy, succinct- and with a brilliant eye for detail.” kc dyer- multi-published YA author #1 Amazon Bestseller

“Eileen helped me focus my writing, streamline my scenes, and quicken my pacing. Her guidance and advice along the way, her generosity, and her amazing ability to kill my darlings (when I couldn’t) make her invaluable. I would not have the novel I do without her talent and skill. Eileen is a quick and extremely efficient editor that I highly recommend. I have learned so much from her that she has become a mentor. She is generous, encouraging the writer to keep and nurture their own voice, characters and story while gently guiding the writer in the direction best for the integrity of their story.” Kelly S.

“Seriously best critique I’ve had in the 10ish years I’ve been writing fiction. When you hit that place where every agent’s response is, ‘send me your next book’, and you can’t quite seem to get that one step further, Eileen clearly outlined some crucial points that made me slap my own forehead and say, “duh. Why didn’t I see that?” Concise, straightforward, with a heck of a sense of humour.” Kristen A

“I’m so pleased with the depth of Eileen’s feedback that I will never submit another manuscript to an agent without first soliciting Eileen’s input. Her advice helped me strengthen the relationships between my main characters, deepen the conflicts in the story, and see where my plot could use some tightening up. Eileen is at the top of my “this novel couldn’t have been published with the support of” list.” Donna B.

“Eileen has a great sense for what makes a story work (or not.) She provides supportive and practical help to take to your work to the next level.” Serena Robar multi-published YA writer

Workshops/School Visits

Eileen is an experienced and popular speaker and has presented for schools, conferences, libraries, and writing groups across Canada and the United States. Workshops can be modified for your group and the age range of the participants.

Downloadable flyer: School Visits

Technical Requirements:
The hosting organization needs to provide microphone/sound amplification as needed for the room and audience size, a table to hold Eileen’s notes, and extension cords to reach outlets. Dependent on the workshop Eileen will provide a laptop computer and will require a projector for a PowerPoint presentation.

To be negotiated. Please contact Eileen with details regarding the number of participants and if you are looking to arrange a single workshop or a full day of presentations. If required, travel costs and expenses will be charged.

What Others Say:
“Eileen is very positive and has a great sense of humor. She displays a professional attitude and cares deeply about the success of her students.”

“As an audience member you are right there with her. Obviously she is having fun presenting valued information and as evidenced by her many perfect scores on the evaluation forms- the audience is too!”

“Eileen is extremely passionate about humor and writing- excellent course!”

“Awesome instructor- extremely organized and knowledgeable.”

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